Look Before You Leap Into Buying A Diamond Ring For Your Engagement

diamond engagement ring

What creates that incessant magic of excitement and love in a woman without having to say a word? A diamond is a token of love and just as you get ready to invest your heart into your relationship, a diamond engagement ring is also a long-term investment. So, do consider these few points when buying the perfect diamond engagement rings for your future spouse.

Stick to your budget: Love is definitely priceless but diamond engagement rings come with a price tag. When you go to buy a ring, you will be spoilt for choice. Do not give into temptation but at the same time, choose the best one that you will get for your budget.

Size matters: Of course, you will have to buy a ring that fits her ring finger perfectly! You can borrow one of her rings and either take it to the jeweller yourself or you can measure it either by drawing the inner circle on a paper or taking its impression on a bar of soap. It is highly advised to buy a ring a little bigger since you can easily size it down later. If you end up buying a smaller ring, there is no other option but to exchange it.

Unset diamond in case of doubt: If you haven’t been able to know her preference for a diamond engagement ring, what you can do is buy an unset diamond and you can get the ring made later. Remember, even if you are going to give her a ring, it is she who is going to wear it and it is for her, so choose one that she will like, even if you don’t.

Shape it up: If you are already familiar with her ring setting preference, then you are safe. If you are not, then consider buying the classic shape because it is one of the most popular ones out there.  If you choose a ring with fewer facets, any type of inclusions on it will be clearer in terms of visibility. If you are planning to buy a multi-stone ring, then circular, marquise and elliptical shapes will be great.

The basics: There are many shapes and patterns available when it comes to diamond engagement rings. Solitaire or a single stone is very popular. Side stone is another popular pattern in which there is one main stone flanked by another stone which can be either a diamond or any other precious gem. A three stone engagement ring is also very popular with soon to be brides all over the world. As the name suggests, there is one main bigger stone in the middle with two side smaller stones. Another pattern called pave in which the main diamond surrounded by tiny ones is also a good choice. Whatever the shape and setting you choose, it will surely express your love and loyalty.