Tips When Buying Three Stone Engagement Rings


Sky is the limit when it comes to different patterns in diamond engagement rings and hence it can get very confusing when you go to buy one for “that” special event.  A three stone engagement ring is a good choice. You should be able to pick the perfect one, that will not only stand out in terms of its sparkle but also quality and exquisite 3 stone design.

Budget concerns: Budget is the most important factor while choosing a diamond ring. Your ring need not be the most expensive one, only your love for your loved one must be. Hence stick to a budget before you enter the store or if you are buying online. Since there is a lot to choose from, you will definitely get that perfect ring as per your likes and your budget.

A little research can be very helpful: Buying an engagement ring is an important occasion and buying a diamond engagement ring is all the more. So, it is better to do some research on the patterns, styles, types and prices before you buy. You also need to choose the metal that your ring will be made, remember? Hence, it is best to have your own idea and design in mind before you go and shop.

Four C’s for diamonds: The Four C’s are the most important factors that one needs to know while buying diamonds. They are color, cut, clarity and carat. Colorless diamonds are more preferred and the angle in which it is cut in order to facilitate more reflection of light, is the perfect cut. The clearer the diamond is, the more is its value. Carat is ideally the weight of the diamond and diamond rings that are more than one carat tend to be more expensive.

Seal it: It is better to buy a diamond ring that is sealed which means it is brand new. They tend to be expensive though. It is also good to seek opinions and suggestions from family and friends before you go to buy the three stone engagement rings. And if some of them have purchased diamond rings before, then their opinion can be of great help.

Certification says it all: Any diamond  you purchase must come with a quality certificate. It is a sort of biography of the diamond with the 4 C’s and its condition. This certificate ensures its quality, guarantee, purity and originality.